Shipping Container Parts and Accessories

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 Shipping Container Parts and Accessories

Shipping container parts and accessories

Shipping container door handle

If you have a shipping container or you’re in the trucking industry, this tool is an absolute must have! Shipping Container doors weighing a 1,000 lbs can be extremely difficult to open and close especially when it comes to used shipping containers. With the Opnbar leverage bar, which is a true door latch handle extender, opening and closing shipping container doors just became much easier!

Best shipping container lock

If you’ve ever purchased a used shipping container to keep your personal belongings secured, the lock you choose is a big decision! Regular pad locks work but can be easily cut. Used shipping containers don’t come with a lock box already installed however new one trip shipping containers do come made with this very same style lock box already installed which means this type of lock box is industry approved, just make sure the holes are lined up before you drill!

Insta Bolt-on lock box

Best way to seal a hole on a shipping container

Do you have a pin size hole or holes in your shipping container? If you do and need a quick and cost effective way to repair it, this J-B Weld Steel Stick epoxy works incredibly well!

Best shipping container door lubricant

Used shipping containers can often times have doors that are stiff and very difficult to open and close. Along with the opnbar which works great you should also look to keep the door hinges lubricated. We personally like the Permatex white lithium grease.

Shipping container whirlybird turbine

Shipping containers are commonly used for storing personal belongings and you know in those hot summer months your container can get very hot and stuffy inside. Keep the air moving with the Lomanco bib-12 mill whirlybird turbine.

Best foldable portable solar panel

Weather you need some extra power to light up you’re shipping container, out camping, or just want to charge the cell phone by the pool this 60w portable foldable solar panel is a great choice.

Rockpals foldable 60w solar panel charger

Best portable power station

If you’re looking for a battery to harness the charge from the solar panels check out another #1 best seller the Jackery portable power station, solar generator lithium battery backup power supply.

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Shipping Container Parts and Accessories